Serendipity UnLtd is the name under which I provide consultancy both to the maritime and inland shipping community.

After a childhood on board of inland vessels I pursued a career at sea on board of a great variety of vessels. Serendipitously I ended up in consultancy initially in between jobs at sea, but eventually as a full time job...

‘Dancing with ships’ is one of the major topics, research into how to get ‘too large’ ships in and out ‘too small’ harbours. Supervision of such manoeuvres in real life. Training of captains and pilots, both in manoeuvring simulators and on board. My inland waterway childhood ...


Dancing with ships...

Name: Pieta Kluytenaar

Education: Nautical College Rotterdam

Favorite Quote: One cannot push the river...

Mobile: +31 653 207018


Veerkade 15

3016 DE Rotterdam

the Netherlands

curriculum vitae: CV PKluytenaar EN.pdf

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